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Up Next: Butrus Garden Portraits

[Jasmine Hill V, Acrylic on Panel,  2012 © Annie Kammerer Butrus.]

Here's a peek at what we'll be talking about shortly: new work from Alabama-based artist Annie Butrus and the pieces she's bringing to next week's Artists Market at Trinity. 

[Sublime Dogwood I, 30" x 40" Acrylic on Panel, 2013  © Annie Kammerer Butrus.]

Some of you already know the backstory. Butrus graduated cum laude from Wellesley College and went on to earn her MFA. When she found herself down South, she became fascinated by the landscape. Specifically the changing rural and suburban landscapes. With a focus on the play of light and shadow,  she began carefully documenting what she saw. Tracing shadows created by tree branches as they evolved from season to season, were damaged by storms, or simply altered by sunlight.

Sublime Dogwood II is a very new painting on its way to the Market, she tells me. More in a bit.

For now, Janet Blyberg's cherry blossoms in D.C. circa 2010 because I can't wait for the real flowering trees either.

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virginia Diakaki said...

beautiful art work!