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Sublime Dogwood

[Sublime Dogwood III, 24" x 36" Acrylic on Panel, 2013 © Annie Kammerer Butrus.]

With her past landscapes, Annie Kammerer Butrus has concentrated on ever-evolving Southern farmlands and pop-up suburban sites. Now she's turning her focus to a broad range of gardens from the most meager shrub to grand estates.

Inspiration for her Sublime Dogwood series comes from Jasmine Hill, outside of Montgomery, Alabama.

Started in 1928 by Benjamin and Mary Fitzpatrick,  Jasmine Hill encompasses twenty acres near the Southernmost edge of Appalachia. Today it's open to the public.

[Via Jasmine Hill]

Butrus says her pictures are intentionally disorientating and render uncanny sky, blossoms and branches.

 [Sublime Dogwood II,  30" x 40" Acrylic on Panel, 2013 © Annie Kammerer Butrus.]

"The solid, constant sky, watery blossoms and shadowy branches are each painted in a distinct manner – imparting meaning to each element. This series will deal with the sublime in the everyday and the transcendence made possible by meditating on the simplest flowering branch," she shared in her artist statement.

[Sublime Dogwood II, 30" x 40" Acrylic on Panel, 2013  © Annie Kammerer Butrus.]

Historic influences for this new body of work come from Matisse’s cut-outs, Constables’ obsession with clouds, and O’Keefe’s Sky Above Clouds IV.

[Georgia O'Keeffe, Sky Above Clouds IV, 1965 © The Art Institute of Chicago.]

[Henri Matisse, Polinesia, The Sky, paper cutout, 1947, Musée d'Art Moderne, Troyes.]

[John Constable, John Constable, Cloud Study, Oil on paper laid on panel 1822. Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection.]

For the annual Spotlight on Art market (a huge showcase for nearly 350 diverse artists ranging from established professionals represented in museums to emerging talents) Butrus told me she is bringing Sublime Dogwood I and II.

FYI, the Market is free and open to the public from February 4 to February 9. Expect to see fine art, sculpture, and craft -- ceramics, jewelry, basketry, pillows, rugs and more. This major fundraiser benefits Trinity School scholarship funds and a local nonprofit chosen by the institution (last year Sheltering Arms was designated).

In addition to Butrus, another 2013 participating SC fave is Jenny Henley. Past participants include Radcliffe Bailey, Gregor Turk and Thornton Dial.

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