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Magpie Style

[Photo courtesy Haskell Harris]

A favorite curator of mine once said, "The brighter the person, the more varied the interests." Or something like that. His point was that, in his experience, smart folks have the capacity to appreciate an incredibly wide array of music, art, design and literature. To me, that's Haskell Harris.

[All images via Haskell's pin boards. Credits for the people pictures here; color and design here and here.]

With muses including Brandi Carlile, Jane Birkin, and Atticus and Scout, her eyes are wide open to the the world around her. But while she draws upon many influences, Haskell's look isn't random. Whether she's designing a room, working on a magazine story, or helping to develop a brand, she has a distinct point of view. Personally, I admire her ability to mesh unapologetically feminine (that's feminine not fussy) elements with rustic, masculine things.

Longtime readers already know I'm a fan. However, you might not know about everything Haskell is up to these days. The ten-year veteran of the shelter magazine world recently launched Haskell Harris Creative, a firm based in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. She is still very active as a freelance journalist and contributing editor but she also offers brand development and decorating services -- both residential and commercial.

[Southern Living, April 2009. Photo by Charles Walton.]

Her blog, Magpie, chronicles what comes across her path as she travels through the South. Describing her vision, she told me: "I've lived my whole life in the South, so it's hard not to see things through a Southern lens." Haskell loves the South and is well aware that the region gets a bad wrap for being saccharine sweet and ignorant but she hopes to be a voice for blog readers who want to see a more modern perspective on what the eccentric place is really all about...especially in terms of style. "The breadth of talent here is staggering and I'm passionate about communicating that to the believers and to the cynics," she said.

In February, Haskell is scheduled to speak at the Huntsville Museum of Art. Details to follow.

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Calder Clark said...

So glad to see you featured my gem of a friend, and a sincere + beautiful soul with such incredible style!

Anonymous said...

I have to go check her blog out - I have always loved her house - and magpie is our word at home for me and the girls and the constant desire to collect and explore. Happy New Year!