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[Detail view...wait for it...]

[Piece from a Noh Costume (Nuihaku) with Egret (Sagi) and Willow Tree. Edo period (1615–1868). Second half of the 18th–first half of the 19th century. The Met's collection.] 

In February the exhibition Birds in the Art of Japan will open at The Met. Visitors to the show will see 150 bird-themed pieces ranging from large screens and paintings to small ceramics. Some works will be many centuries old, while others will be contemporary. Not knowing the identity of most of the selected objects, I went on my own little birding exhibition through the collection. The embroidered silk-satin pictured here, with these incredibly delicate leaves and swirly lines representing water, grabbed my attention.

The Met's lacquered 19th-century inro (small storage case worn by Japanese men) made me think of a chic iPhone case.

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