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In John Robshaw Prints, that new book I'm still reading, the artist and textile designer offers a peek into present day workshops where highly-skilled craftsmen (block carvers, dye masters and block printers) continue India's centuries-old textile-making traditions.

[Fred Bremner, Woodcarver, Kashmir, circa 1896.]

Right after I posted this beautiful old Fred Bremner photograph from the Scottish National Portrait Gallery show, Lucknow to Lahore, I noticed that artist Sarah Gittins will lead an in-depth relief printing workshop, in conjunction with the exhibition, next year on Saturday, February 23. Participants will learn to carve their own blocks and try them out on paper and fabric. If you're reading this in Scotland, or plan to be there in the new year, advanced reservations are required.

[Fred Bremner, River crossing, River Jhelum, Kashmir, 1896.]

On the other hand, no registration is needed for Rosie Llewellyn Jones' free lecture in January. Scheduled to take place at the Scottish National Gallery, her talk, India in the Mind’s Eye, will explore how artists such as Bremner and other foreigners perceived India in the late-19th century. Llewellyn Jones is an editor, historian and archivist at the Royal Society for Asian Affairs in London.

[A 19th-century Scottish wool and cotton shawl created by David Sime and inspired by India's woven Kashmiri textiles. Heriot-Watt University collection. Image via Scottish Textile Heritage Online.]

For more on the mill workers of Paisley, Scotland, click here. When I came across the archive photo above, I was struck by the similarity to Atlanta's Westside complex, a former industrial center that has been re-invented as a mixed-use shopping/living district.

[Photos my own.]

If you're in town this Saturday, you might want to pop over in support of local businesses, drop-off a nutritious non-perishable food item for the Atlanta Community Food Bank, or just enjoy the festive atmosphere at Tinsel & Twine. I was there earlier in the week and little elves had definitely been hard at work decking Star Provisions' halls!

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