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Coming Soon: Lisa Fine's Latest

Soon I'll be taking a closer look at Lisa Fine's new hand-printed fabrics, including Lahore pictured above.

[Fragonard's oil on canvas of Madame Recamier (1777–1849) via Sotheby's.]

Although her elongated paisley design was inspired by a cashmere shawl she spied in a painting, the golden Indian one draped around Madame Recamier is not it. I'm posting this Fragonard portrait as a reminder to check out part three of Rosemary Crill's Cotton Road podcast. In the final installment, Crill talks about the Western heyday of finely woven Kashmir shawls -- the period when alluring women such as Recamier, Emma Hamilton (Admiral Nelson's mistress) and Empress Josephine paired them with airy muslin dresses.

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