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By Candlelight

[Photos © 2012 Geoff Green. Posted here courtesy The Laundress. Click to enlarge.]

Just before Sandy ravaged the East Coast, Daniela Kamiliotis joined her former Ralph Lauren coworker, Gwen Whiting, and Gwen's business partner Lindsey J. Boydat at The National Arts Club in NYC. (Together in 2004, Lindsey and Gwen founded The Laundress.) They were all there to celebrate the launch of that new product line I hinted at a couple of weeks ago -- The Laundress' candle collection.

Daniela sent me photos of the event, to show how the previously posted brainstorming session in her fanciful studio came to fruition for the debut. Even the artist's tools were brought to the launch, in addition to Daniela's signature calligraphy, drawings and ethereal fabrics. (She thought the mix had a bit of a da Vinci vibe.)  Somehow the elements worked together, emphasizing the simple beauty of a lit candle.

In the spirit of steadily getting back to business, I thought I'd share a small peek here. Details are available over at The Laundress' site.

I know that right now we're all thinking of Sandy's victims. To learn about the Red Cross' ongoing aid efforts, click here.

Update: 12.6.12

After noticing my recent posts on Daniela's artwork, The Laundress sent me two sample candles so that I could photograph the packaging myself for a future holiday post and, naturally, smell these hand-poured-in-the-U.S. beauties. I especially love the look of the numbering on No. 247, and it smells incredibly fresh. But I'm also partial to Cedar because it's a very appealing take on woody without any over-bearing or cloying notes!  


ArchitectDesign™ said...

Love the styling and calligraphy. I caught onto the Da Vinci vibe before even reading your text! Beautiful.

Style Court said...

Stefan -- great to hear from you. What a week it's been. Daniela will be thrilled to read that you picked up on the da Vinci thing :)