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A Little Background Music

[Photo by Thuss + Farrell. Design by Matthew Robbins.] 

So I've ordered some bourbon balls to serve along with the pies, and while my patio camellias pale by comparison to the ones growing in Lin Backus' garden near Savannah, it looks like I'll have just enough to cut for the Thanksgiving table. Slowly getting in the spirit, I even asked floral designer Matthew Robbins to share with us his seasonal ideas. (Remember when we talked about his book?) His loose, unfussy gatherings of leaves and pears will be posted shortly.

[Billy Reid Atlanta store.]

As I ordered those bourbon balls and emailed Matthew, I had Nashville-based singer/songwriter Shelly Colvin's debut album, Up the Hickory Down the Pine, playing in the background. Often compared to Emmylou Harris, Shelly is nonetheless an original -- a 21st-century musician simpatico with the laid-back rock/country sounds that came out of 1970s California. (And she can really work an embroidered tunic. When not on stage, the multi-talented woman is doing her day job as Artist Relations /Music Liaison/Stylist for Billy Reid.) This brings me to an exciting pre-Thanksgiving happening in Atlanta at Reid's Westside shop on Saturday, November 17th from 6 to 8 p.m.: Colvin's record release party.

Now that I'm fully into music appreciation mode, let me offer a Thanksgiving Day playlist. I roped my friend Mary Laura of I Miss You When I Blink into doing all the work. She's got the best ear and seems to make it to all the great shows in the coolest venues. In fact, she's just back from Nashville herself. ML's thoughts:

Driving to your Thanksgiving destination:
Hard Way Home - Brandi Carlile

Watching the enormous balloons float over the streets of New York while the turkey cooks:
Big Parade - The Lumineers

Sitting down for dinner:
It's Time - Imagine Dragons

Saying the blessing:
Sloom - Of Monsters and Men ("Love me mother, and love me father, and love my brother as well")

Dredging up that same old squabble about "dressing" vs. "stuffing":
Paul Newman vs. The Demons - Avett Bros ("How many times must I live through the past again?")

Apologizing for calling your brother-in-law a pigface for scraping all the marshmallows off the sweet potatoes:
Sorry - Trampled by Turtles

Remembering that the ones who love you are all around this table:
Reminder - Mumford & Sons 

Staying late:
I Will Remain - Matthew and the Atlas


My Dog-Eared Pages said...

Hi Court! A lovely post... I just downloaded several songs. Great selection for Thanksgiving. Thank you. ox

Style Court said...

Barbara -- always love it when you stop by! I'm definitely using ML's playlist next week. Hope you enjoy your downloads.


MLP said...

That was fun -- thanks so much for having me. Can't wait to check out Shelly, too!

Style Court said...

ML -- thanks for sharing your picks!