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Reminds Me Of

Some of the terrific hand-drawn patterns lining the Gentleman's collection from Mr. Boddington's Studio remind me of specific textiles. It's a subjective response, but compare and contrast:

There's this late-19th-century hand-drawn Javanese batik. The National Gallery of Australia describes the dominant design on the cotton as chintz-like with undulating, flowering branches.

It was part of that 2004 exhibition I've mentioned before: Sari to Sarong 500 Years of Indian and Indonesian Textile Exchange. You can see some of the museum's behind the scenes restorations here.

A personal favorite from the exhibition catalogue, the pattern on this 18th-century Coromandel Coast handspun cotton was created with mordant painting and hand-drawn batik.

[Dash's stationery set]

The chevron stripes of Mr. Boddington's Dash make me think of Winchester and the Girton Curtains.

 [Detail of Winchester hand-blocked discharge-printed indigo linen from Meg Andrews.]


Ivy Lane said...

The restoration process is so interesting.... amazing...

Great post! and..Happy Weekend!

Style Court said...

Ivy -- you too!

I thought the conservator's pictures were great.

Unknown said...

Incredible patterns. So much beauty in these textiles.
Love your blog!!!

Style Court said...

Thanks Petra!

Jamie Herzlinger said...

What great patterns...I especially love the last chevron pattern...gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

Love, Jamie Herzlinger