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Cashmere Guru Monique Lévi-Strauss

If you're in Paris right now, this is very exciting news (or maybe old news). For paisley junkies in the U.S., the alert is still great but a little frustrating, too. As reported by shawl authority Judy Wentworth in Hali's fall 2012 issue, there's a highly collectable new book out by the prolific Monique Lévi-Strauss

Known to many as the grand dame of French cashmere shawls -- those densely and richly patterned 19th-century cashmere shawls that evolved from Indian textiles -- Lévi-Strauss has been a longtime collector, researcher and curator. Her latest volume, Cachemires : La création française 1800-1880, represents more than 30 years of study and is said to be sumptuously illustrated (I haven't seen a copy in person yet). As far as I know at this point, only a French edition is available. Obviously the book can be ordered from overseas but hopefully it won't be long before it is distributed on this side of the Atlantic as well.  

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Janet said...

Oh, so frustrating! I feel like this happens all the time, a great book comes out, but one can't easily get one's hands on it!