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V&A Africa

[South African coiled brass and steel wire bracelet, ca. 1870-1880 (made). 
Given to the V & A by A. L. Byrne.]

This fall the V & A will revisit its African collection, inviting the public to see some textiles, jewelery, and sculpture never before displayed in the galleries. The exhibition, V&A Africa: Exploring Hidden Histories, opens November 15. (Over the past 150 or so years, the Museum's perceptions of African design have evolved, so the show will look at shifts in attitude as well as the objects themselves) Combing through the online collections, I spied quite a few 19th-century African pieces that today would fit right in at Calypso.

[South African glass beaded necklace, ca. 1850-1900 (made). Given to the Museum by A.L Byrne.]

[North African silver hinged bangles in the form of broad, flat ribbons with applied decoration, 19th century. Bequeathed to the V & A by Edmond Dresden.]

[South African Ostrich egg-shell beads, ca. 1870-1880 (made).
 Given to the Museum by Hugh Exton.]

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Jamie Herzlinger said...

Those cuffs are to die for! The detailing is insane! Great finds!

Love, Jamie Herzlinger