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Carnation Appreciation

[Detail: 18th-century East Anatolian kilim made with silk, wool, and metallic-wrapped thread. Part of The Sultan's Garden: The Blossoming of Ottoman Art.]

Seen as part of the design of an old Anatolian rug, carnations can be appreciated in a whole new light.

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The examples in this sneak peek from The Sultan's Garden exhibition catalogue are high-contrast white against madder-dyed purple. The interpretation is understated, say scholars Walter Denny and Sumru Krody, and the blossoms have spiky outlines. Although the flowers in the border don't interlock, when the kilim is glanced at from a distance, I think, they resemble links on a floral chain. Interesting how of-the-moment the color combinations (eggplant, orange, green-blue) feel.

More on the show to come.

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