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Painterly Roots

[Detail view: Fasano's Jaipur]

Saddles, boots, swimsuits and Massachusetts-printed linen: At night I'm still alternating between watching the Olympics and pouring over some recently ordered Peter Fasano fabric samples.

Jaipur, in persimmon, is the print that's stealing my focus. It's got the wonderful Indian-influenced stylized flowers but Fasano's roots as a contemporary abstract artist show, too, with those painterly spots.

[Pollock-Krasner House]
If you've seen the video, you've heard Fasano talk about his affinity for the work of two divergent American artists, Pollock and Noland. (Even just looking at the spattered floor of the textile designer's studio, Pollock does spring to mind.) On Saturday, August 4, the Parrish Art Museum is co-hosting a terrific opportunity to spend a little time in the Abstract Expressionist's 1940s-50s domain with an off-site, summer morning bike tour that includes a stop at the historic Pollock-Krasner House in East Hampton. Details here.

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Ms. Ainee C. Beland said...

Very lovely and inspirational are the fruit imagery, so very real like.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

what a great tour that would be! I wish I could attend.

Style Court said...

Would love to see your photos, Stefan, if you could go!

Seule -- glad it inspires.