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If I Edited the Christmas Book

[All images in this post via Powell's.]

If I compiled an annual Neiman's-style fantasy Christmas catalog for myself, a vintage two-volume set, The Chintz from the Calico Museum of Textiles, would be included for 2012.

True, I originally posted this book back in 2009 -- as Seema Krish says, all of the Calico Museum books are coveted by textile junkies -- but today Powell's has a listing for the hard-to-track-down cloth-covered editions.

Typically the Museum's older books have only a dozen or so color plates. This set is remarkable with nearly 120 color illustrations. Of course, its rarity also means the price is rather remarkable. If I ever find the books at a public library, I'll let you know. On a more promising note, some of Indian Textile scholar John Irwin's editions can still be found with more modest price tags.

I'm not affiliated with Powell's -- just wanted to share this extraordinary find. For more of Seema's suggestions, click here.


The Devoted Classicist said...

$1,600.00? Now that there's digital printing that avoids those costly color separations and allows economical short runs for special interest subjects, perhaps there will be a reprint.

Toby Worthington said...

It's right up there on my Wish List along with those other astronomically priced books, such as the art
of Serebriakoff and the Office Memos of Diana Vreeland.

Thanks for drawing this one to our attention,

Style Court said...

TDC -- fingers crossed!

Style Court said...

Toby -- the Holy Grails :)