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Fashion Camp at the VMFA

[A great example of a designer inspired by fine art: screengrab is from Jona Frank's mini film about the making of Erica Tanov's fall 2011 collection.]

When I learned about the five-day camps offered by the VMFA's Fashion Institute, I wanted -- just for a second -- to be a teen again. Specifically, the Mood Boards and Tear Sheets camp, August 13 - 17, caught my attention. During this session, students get to tour the museum's galleries and gardens closely observing color and texture, then return to the studio with their instructor to collage, sculpt and draw concepts for a collection. Other upcoming sessions focus on jewelry making and design, pattern drafting, and draping. Although the camps began at the end of July, there are still six separate week-long sessions scheduled for the end of summer. Details here. And don't forget, Maharaja ends August 19!

[Photo by Kelly Ishikawa]

BTW,  you can see designer Erica Tanov's gorgeous bedroom from new angles in Anthology, issue 8, for summer 2012.

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Janet said...

Ahhh, more of love Erica Tanov's house. Thanks for the link. I am enjoying a quiet morning, getting caught up on email and blog posts (before the next house guest arrives this evening). xo