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To Dye For

[Screen grab from Bright Star directed by Jane Campion.]

[Napkin and color sample images via Lapaloosa]

Generously sized, hand-dyed napkins made by Polly Lyster are among the simple luxuries sold over at Britain's Lapaloosa. The soft blue is Lyster's signature color (she's well-known in the textile world for her mastery of indigo dyeing) and reminds me so much of the fabrics Janet Patterson used in 2009's ode to stitchcraft. Lyster's medium of choice is typically antique linen. She does made-to-order sheets, too, which are often bought for upholstery.

Going beyond her blue foundation, Lyster offers 150 other colors achieved with all-natural pigments. Looking at the range, it's hard to resist experimenting with a little dye at home. So, in that spirit:

French General, in Los Angeles, will host the semi-annual Woad Workshop with Denise Lambert on Saturday, September 15.

The Textile Museum, in Washington, D.C., will offer families a free shibori workshop with opportunities to make indigo-dyed pillowcases on Saturday, August 4.

And there's always the library or book store.

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