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Textile Symposium Scholarships

The Textile Museum is offering undergrad and grad students, as well as D.C. public school educators, a limited number of scholarships for its 40th annual Fall Symposium. This year's presentations and tours connect with the Museum's upcoming major exhibition, The Sultan's Garden: The Blossoming of Ottoman Art. As mentioned back in March, the show will look at the stylized florals created by 16th-century Ottoman court artist Kara Memi -- tulips, hyacinths and other flowers that covered everything, most notably ceramics and textiles -- and how the blossoms came to be a calling card for the court at home and abroad. (I'm expecting the companion catalogue to be really spectacular.)

The deadline for student applications is August 31; educators must file applications by September 24. Details on the scholarships, along with the symposium's highlights are available here. In the meantime, while we're on stylized Ottoman flowers, let's revisit Tory Burch's pattern-filled dining room as seen in Vogue. The Iznik-inspired panels are by Iksel.

  [Photo by Norman Jean Roy]


Laura Casey Interiors said...

Was just reviewing those Tory Burch images today, they are at the top of my favorites folder which I keep on my desk, yes a paper file! Thanks always CB for your wonderful links.

Style Court said...

Laura -- you have vast paper and digital files! This room is an all-time fave for me, too. And I love the little glimpse of other panels, I think, in the pic of Tory seated with her sons.

Carol Tate said...

The TM is offering such a fabulous opportunity. How I would love seeing more of the Ottoman empire textiles. Your post had me pulling out one of my prize possessions, "The Age of Sultan Sulleyman the Magnificent" w/detailed text by Estin Atil from exhibition in 1987 at Nat. Gallery of Art. Several manuscript folio covers painted by Kara Memi, but none of the textiles, garments, ceramics are attributed to her. An incredibly fruitful time for the arts, & overwhelmingly beautiful much due to Sulleyman's patronage. I enjoy your posts on a daily basis!! Thanks!

Style Court said...

Carol -- thank you! I'll have to track down the Sulleyman catalogue. I didn't know about the exhibition, so I really appreciate your comment.

Carol Tate said...

Courtney...The "catalogue" is actually a HC Book, Nat Gall of Art/Abrams,HUGE-10" x 12" x 1.5"!! & literally saturated w/color plates. It is over 350 pages of pure delight and comprehensive research by Esin Atil, who instigated the exhibition. I purchased this book in the 90's from the estate of a world traveler/collector in Seattle; a woman who was weeding out her textiles and all related. What a wonderful day that was! Wish you luck finding this book. It is a treasure.

Style Court said...

Carol -- your description is great. Again, thanks!