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The Scent of Green Papaya

[See the trailer over at IMDb.]

If Miguel Flores-Vianna describes something as a favorite, I immediately want to learn more about it. He has a wonderful eye. Ages ago, when I was working on a movie-related free lance assignment, Miguel told me about The Scent of Green Papaya, a visually stunning 1993 Vietnamese/French film.

The story unfolds in Vietnam during the late 1940s and progresses through the early 60s. In his review, Roger Ebert writes that it's a "poem for the eyes."

Unfortunately, I never seem to find the movie available through iTunes. Moreover,  I'm disappointed that I can't be in Birmingham this Thursday, April 5 to catch it on the big screen as part of the Birmingham Museum of Art's First Thursdays happenings.  Dragons and Lotus Blossoms, the museum's landmark exhibition of Vietnamese ceramics, closes in just a few days -- Sunday, April 8 -- so this is the perfect week for a screening.


Anonymous said...

it's my favorite eye candy movie, and as of recently it's available on netflix instant play. : )

Style Court said...

Anon -- thanks! I finally downloaded the netflix app. So worth it.