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The Maharaja is Coming

 [Detail view: Durbar of Bijay Singh of Marwar Jodhpur, 1750–1800; 
Opaque watercolor and gold on paper; Harvard Art Museum/Arthur M Sackler Museum.]

For what seems like eons, we've been anticipating the East Coast debut of Maharaja: The Splendour of India's Royal Courts,  the V & A's opulent 2009 blockbuster.

[Tea case Louis Vuitton Paris, 1926; Leather with silver, ceramic and glass; Collection Louis Vuitton.]

But now the exhibition opening, at the VMFA in Richmond, is finally in sight -- May 21. Tickets are already on sale, so that should be helpful if you're thinking of making a special trip to see the show. Repeating what I posted earlier, the V & A-organized exhibition is comprised of numerous loans from India's royal collections: a specially commissioned 1927 Rolls (Phantom I);  fit-for-the-king furniture; intricately crafted textiles, glass, and metalwork;  jewel-encrusted objects such as writing sets along with court jewelry; paintings, and photography spanning three centuries from the early-18th to the mid-20th. Royal arts patronage and myths surrounding the world of the maharaja are key focal points. Still online, the original microsite is loaded with images, video, and interactive features. Visit the VMFA for details on this summer's venue.


quintessence said...

I wish this was coming north - I would love to see it!!

Janet said...

Okay, that LV tea case takes the cake! Fabulous.

Style Court said...

Q -- maybe you can come down to Virginia?

Style Court said...

Janet -- I know! It's so great.

Christian Louboutin said...

Love your blog so much !