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The Design Library App

 [Image ©Documentary Designs, Inc., The Design Library]

A little more virtual exploration: The Design Library now offers a free app. Included is the video tour of TDL's expansive main archive in the Hudson River Valley (you may recall that we looked at this back in March) along with still photography of both the U.S. headquarters and the UK studio in Soho, London. Additionally, a very small sampling of the Library's seven million textile designs is provided with images -- presented in slideshow format -- representing nearly 30 broad categories such as indigo-dyed cloth, Persian paisley, European cotton florals, mid-century florals, Fauvist, geometrics, Central Asian wovens and prints, and so on. (Visitors to the actual Library will find the enormous collection organized into 1200 categories.)

Show above is a selection of woven and printed cotton indigo from India, England, Colonial America, Japan, and France, made between 1780 and the 1950s.


Elsbeth said...

Now this would be so useful for research purposes also - seeing the real thing is so important. Don't know why but somehow I missed your earlier post about the design library - it looks great!

Style Court said...

Elsbeth -- definitely, I'd like to explore in person, too. The app made me even more curious!