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Often a picture says it all. No words are needed. Some days you'll find me compiling commentary-free inspiration boards over at tumblr. Mixed in with my own photos (sorry about that) will be books and other newly found resources. If the picture wasn't snapped by me (or in some cases even if it was), clicking the image will take you directly to info about a cool event, lesser known magazine, or object that simply caught my eye.

Now, to kind of contradict what I just said, a few words about this weekend's tumblr postings: The highlighted book links to Amazon UK because that's where I found the clearest image, but the title is also available through Charleston's gift shop and various used-book sellers in the States. Roger de Grey's Interior, Exterior oil on canvas will take you to an interesting BBC site, Your Paintings. There you'll find a vast online catalogue of works in the UK's national collection. Accessing it, I came across more paintings by Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant, and other artists represented in Charleston's collection.


Unknown said...

Great to know, I am just now reading Charleston, A Bloomsbury house and garden by Quentin Bell and The Waves by Virginia Woolf.How fitting. I will hop right over to see the pictures.
Thank you!

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

A lovely photo in every way! I will enjoy visiting your tumblr. Have a great day, Court! ox

Emile de Bruijn said...

I like that Roger de Grey a lot, thank you for bringing him to my attention. The beautifully atmospheric picture makes you curious as to whether it depicts a London interior, and if so where in London.

And the prominent houseplants seem to be a nice period marker, perhaps a hangover from the 1970s when such plants were de rigeur? :)

Nice way to use Tumblr, each picture being a (link to a) story.

Style Court said...

VA -- Oh, terrific. You'll enjoy the Charleston online collection for sure!

Style Court said...

Barbara -- you too! And thanks so much.

Emile -- I fixated on the lush plant right off the bat, too :) Very intrigued about the location. Let me know if any clues come your way.

Janet said...

Oh what fun! I look forward to watching what you do over there.