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The Touch of Cotton

 [This Indian sari sample book informed Liz Rideal's installations, Drop Sari and Light Curtain, at the University of Manchester's Whitworth Gallery. Photo © 2012 Liza Lemsatef Cunningham]

[Screengrab from Liz Rideal video.]

Cotton: Global Threads, a current exhibition at the University of Manchester's Whitworth Gallery, explores the textile's centuries-long impact on the world. While today's leading cotton producers are the U.S., China, and India, during the Industrial Revolution Manchester was a manufacturing leader.

[Screengrab from Light Curtain.]

With her video installations, artist Liz Rideal plays with saris and light, drawing attention to the historic relationship between India and Manchester. Inside the gallery she juxtaposes tumbling saris with Sultan Tipu’s Tent (remember the tent from this past post?) and outside the center, at night, passersby see windows illuminated with more brilliantly colored Indian textiles. Click here for a peek.

Update: An hour after I published this post, I came across a nice review of the exhibition in the back of Selvedge, issue 45. The magazine's coverage includes a link to an incredible resource with digitized versions of John Forbes Watson's 18-volume, 19th-century sample set, The Textile Manufactures of India. It's a must see!

[Me, exploring the digitized volumes online.]


Blue said...

Do you know about this place? I grew up in the town when it was still mostly cotton weaving and coal mining. When I was at Queen Street a few years ago, the man who ran it was filling an order from Israel for prayer shawls. I remember the mills closing virtually overnight.

Liza L Cunningham said...

Hi Courtney, just came across your blog, lovely stuff! I wrote the Whitworth posts on Liz Rideal that you linked to, good idea to include a link to our colleagues' project at the Harris museum, I'll update the page, thanks!

Style Court said...

Barry -- no, you are better acquainted with it. Thanks for sharing what you know.

Style Court said...

Liza -- thanks so much! Glad you landed here.