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Market Watch

[Foliated Platter (Pan) with the Eight Buddhist Symbols (Bajixiang), Flowers, and Waves, late Yuan dynasty, circa 1340-1368, gift of The Francis E. Fowler, Jr., Foundation and the Los Angeles County Fund. Image via LACMA.]

Attention Angelenos: LACMA's East Asian Art Council is kicking off April with a special talk, The Changing Landscape of the Chinese Art Market. Christie's Tina Zonars and Ingrid Dudek will address evolving tastes, shifts in collecting habits, and trends. The Sunday afternoon lecture is scheduled for 3 p.m. on April 1, and general admission is $10. 

[Screengrab from a Studio Red Dot video about Shanghai's
The rich blues and organic motifs in LACMA's platter, at top, have my mind wandering back to the Chinese Hand-Printed Blue Nankeen Exhibition Hall and to Woody Woodroof's cyanotypes. The latter will soon be exhibited at the Ogden.   

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