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Coming Soon: The Ngoc Minh Ngo Interview

[Photo my own]

A memorable image I once posted came from textile designer Seema Krish. Back in 2009, she shared with us some pictures of her studio including one photo in which a little mantra taped to a shelf popped out among the colorful books: "Nothing is worth more than this day."

I think this theme is echoed throughout Ngoc Minh Ngo's gorgeous, soon-to-be-released book, Bringing Nature Home. In the book's foreward, Deborah Needleman writes, " speak to the present moment...the quotidian nature of [Ngoc's images], and the moments they evoke, reveal that somehow the everyday is more special than any special occasion." So, it's not about waiting for that big bash or even the Saturday night dinner party -- flowers and foliage are for the here and now.

Months ago, I learned about Ngoc's project and ever since I've been on pins and needles to share more.  Last night I was able to speak with the talented photographer/writer and hear first hand why she specifically wanted to shoot in the homes of Erica Tanov, Needleman, and others, why she's so passionate about living with nature, and how she visualized the book, including that breathtaking cover (Tanov fans know it's a vignette in the fashion designer's bedroom). Please stay tuned...  



Just ordered this book for my birthday. I first discovered Nicolette Owen's arrangements in Veranda and they were among the first I'd seen in a magazine that used garden flowers that actually bloomed together. The photos are as evocative as the bouquets. Can't wait for the book and your interview.

Style Court said...

Linda -- absolutely perfect birthday present for you. The book doesn't disappoint and Ngoc is as fascinating a person as you might guess from her images. She and Nicolette are the ultimate creative pairing!