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In Circles

 [Photo my own]

I'm already missing Thomas and O'Brien and the rest of the crew. Last night's DA Christmas finale heightened my curiosity, offering a few new visual hints -- pink lampshades, long swing-y beads, stronger nods to Chanel -- at what's to come when Season Three embraces the 1920s. But in the meantime, I've been into the family stash of old tea services looking for a container for some sort of Downton Abbey -meets-Amy Merrick flower arrangement.

[Dish, glazed stoneware with underglaze-blue cobalt-oxide, 13th century, Vietnam, gift of Gift of Dr. Robert G. Rosser, The Birmingham Museum of Art]

The concentric circles (composed of tiny beads that remind me a bit of the DA necklaces) on the pot shown at top jumped out at me, so I headed over to the BMA's collection database in search of a distant cousin. 

[Dish, glazed stoneware, 14th - 15th century, Vietnam, Collection of the Art Fund, Inc. at the Birmingham Museum of Art; Bequest of William M. Spencer III, Provenance John Stevenson Collection]

Along the way, I changed course. Since I last mentioned the Museum's groundbreaking ceramics exhibition, Dragons and Lotus Blossoms, more examples from the BMA's vast holdings of Vietnamese pieces have been added to the online collection. Check it out here, and if you find yourself in Birmingham tomorrow, Tuesday, February 21, Curator of Asian Art, Don Wood, will lead a one-hour tour of the show at noon.

 [Find video clips about the Hoi An wreck at Pope's site.]

Next month, Frank Pope, author of Dragon Sea: A True Tale of Treasure, Archeology and Greed, will visit the BMA to discuss his experiences as archaeological manager of the recovery of the Hoi An Hoard, one of the major archaeological discoveries of the late 20th century, including over 250,000 pieces of 15th-century Vietnamese ceramics.


olive + white said...

Oh another Downton Abbey lover! That finale was so good wasn't it? Like you I am looking forward to how the Granthams handle the roaring 20s especially the Dowager. Anyhow, I love all of these beautiful images and will definitely browse that link for the collection in Birmingham.

Style Court said...

O + W,

Loved it. Beautifully directed episode.

Style Court said...

Meant to add that the Dowager had some of her best ever lines last night. Wish the dance scenes had lasted a little longer :)

home before dark said...

I grieve with you. I shall be an advocate for the hats! Here's some fun:

Style Court said...

HBD -- Thanks for this :)

Janet said...

Oh, I do hope we get to see more of that tea service! Goodness that pot is stunning. I so loved the season finale of Downton Abbey.