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The Henley Report

 [Photo my own]

Kudos, Mary Laura Philpott, 2012 Chair of Spotlight on Art. This year's Artists Market looks great (event 411 covered in Sunday's post). The organizing committee departed from tradition and bravely painted the backdrops black,  a choice which, I think, really sets off the vast array of drawings, paintings, ceramics, and photography.

[Jenny Henley, snickers and marquis
When I turned to chat about the onyx walls, another Jenny Henley fan snapped up the piece I'd been silently admiring. Lesson learned: don't hesitate. Happily, other Henley equestrian works were at the Market, so I did leave with a wonderful small (you can see the size in relation to a camellia blossom at top).

[Jenny Henley, black stallion. Image courtesy Mary Laura Philpott, Chair, Spotlight on Art.]

Black Stallion attracted a lot of attention during my visit, too. If you're partial to Henley's beach pieces, I did spot several including Sunday.

[Jenny Henley, sunday]

And again, Henley is just one of 350 regional artists and craftspeople showcased this year. SCAD alum Alejandra Dunphy is a returning favorite with her eco-friendly textiles. The Market will open very early -- 8 a.m. -- Wednesday through Friday this week. Also, if later hours work better for you, the doors stay open until 9 p.m. on Friday. Closing day, Saturday, the schedule is 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pop in and survey the scene (Trinity School, 4301 Northside Parkway. The Phipps preview is now closed).


Elsbeth said...

The horse portraits are classic, like modern day George Stubbs! Thank you for again great posts recently!

Style Court said...

Elsbeth -- So glad you appreciate them as much as I do! Thanks for the kind words about the posts, too.