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Voting Day

[Details, Marcel Wanders’s Crochet Chair. Below, a screengrab from the High's related video.]

More objects of desire. Again this year, the High is hosting Collectors' Evening. On Friday, January 20th at 6:30 p.m., the public is invited to come out to the W, Midtown, enjoy an evening with curators, and choose four new works for the Museum's permanent collection. It's simple: in a series of videos online now, and during the event, seven High curators present a piece. Guests then vote for their favorites. The works with the most votes will be purchased by the High.

[Stephanie Heydt, Curator of American Art, with Norman Lewis's phenomenal abstract expressionist oil on canvas, Torch, 1960. Video here. Shown below, a detail.]

For 2012, there are great contenders including Torch by Norman Lewis, Untitled (Caballero with Red and Blue Patterns) by Martin Ramirez, Lightning Fields by Hiroshi Sugumoto, Down Time by KAWS, an African Mami Wata figure, and a remarkable portrait of a basset hound by Constant Troyon. On the decorative arts front, I'm jazzed about the ethereal piece proposed by curator Sarah Schleuning -- Marcel Wanders’s Crochet Chair. With epoxy resin and a mold, Wanders transforms a very traditional, seemingly fragile, hand-crocheted open-work textile into a sturdy weight-bearing chair. Schleuning elaborates here.

[Work in Progress, Collar #9 by Elizabeth Turk, 2004. Image via The Mint Museum.]

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