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A Swatch Contest

[The back of a sample of White, a printed, Vanessa Bell-attributed furnishing linen from the Courtald Gallery's  2009 exhibition, Beyond Bloomsbury: Designs of the Omega Workshops 1913–19. Numbers indicate fabric color and production. Image is from the catalogue Beyond Bloomsbury.]

Round two. Selvedge is once again offering illustrators an opportunity to be published. For the 2012 Illustrate Your Point competition, participants are asked to find a remarkable fabric never before featured in the magazine, illustrate it, and submit the piece in a square format with a 4mm bleed and a clear space roomy enough for editors to insert up to 250 words of text. Complete details and the contact address can be found on page six of issue 44. The application deadline is May 31, 2012.

Concurrently, writers are invited to research and describe -- in 300 words -- the history and defining characteristics of a fabric not yet highlighted in the textile mags' regular Fabric Swatch feature. This contest is Word Perfect 2012. Same deadline. Details also in the latest issue.

Vanessa Bell's work has already been highlighted in Selvedge numerous times but I'm combing the back issues to see if her 1913 linen, White, was ever the focus of a Fabric Swatch story. Since we've already looked at the front, I thought today I'd share the back.


Emile de Bruijn said...

I love the back, so much more subtle than the front. Bloomsbury-goes-wabi :)

Style Court said...

Emile -- I usually love the backs of rugs too :)