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More Dragon Tales

[Images via The Textile Museum]

It's The Year of the Dragon and these serpentine creatures are making appearances all around. In conjunction with Dragons, Nagas, and Creatures of the Deep, The Textile Museum's latest exhibition opening Friday, February 3, the museum's shop has a selection of pillows by Tibet Carpet.

On view in the show will be 16 objects drawn from the museum's own collection, representing cultures ranging from imperial China to the ancient Mediterranean world; a highlight is a woven 18th-century coat made during the Qing dynasty.

So it makes sense that the gift shop also opted to stock die-cut cards resembling semi-formal Qing court robes (based on originals belonging to the MFA, Boston). Crafting potential abounds here. Apart from their intended use -- notecards -- these four by six inch robes could become gift tags or maybe place-cards.

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