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Lost in Lace

[Clockwise from the top left: Francis Ford Coppola's Palazzo Margherita photographed by James Merrell for WSJ Magazine; screengrab from the High Museum of Art's Crocheted Chair video; Annie Bascoul installation for Lost in Lace.]

[Photo my own.]

It's follow up day. Many of you have probably heard that Marcel Wanders's epoxy Crochet Chair did receive enough votes at last week's Collector's Evening to become part of the High's permanent collection. I can't wait to really study all of its details up close and in person.

And Wanders isn't the only one fascinated with threads. Centuries-old lace, crochet and macrame continue to inspire a range of contemporary artists. Currently on view (but not for much longer) at Gas Hall at Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery (in the UK) is Lost in Lace. Much like the spirit of Wanders's chair, the objective of the exhibition is to challenge conventional notions of lace, or more specifically, what lace can be. For the show, 20 international artists, including Annie Bascoul, have installed mainly large-scale works. There's a lace app, which you can see I've been playing around with, and a concurrent textile exhibition: Lost in Lace: Concealed and Revealed. This show encompasses portraits, clothes, accessories, tools and archival material from the 16th to the 20th centuries, and even sheds light on some of the darker stories behind lace.

[Again, Palazzo Margherita photographed by James Merrell for WSJ Magazine.]

No darkness in Rita Konig's terrific story about Francis Ford Coppola's Jacques Grange-designed Palazzo Margherita. One bedroom is making me eat my words about lace -- or anything lace-like -- at windows. The interpretation above is just magical and of course reminds me of a certain scene in an old Italian movie. See much more over at WSJ.

[Screengrab from Magnolia Pictures' I Am Love starring Tilda Swinton.]

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Trend colors said...

its magical lace!

Unknown said...

There is a certain allure to the mix of mystery & chicness a black lace dress creates (one of my favorite is a Christian Dior black lace dress). I agree with you they are fascinating indeed.

decomondo said...

Very poetic!

Jen Beaudet said...

This is amazing! I love lace!

Tokyo Jinja said...

Courtney - as always, amazing connections!

Style Court said...

Jacqueline -- thank you!

Trend Colors, HRH, Jennifer and decomondo -- so glad this struck a chord with you.

Home Constructions said...

Amazing laces. Very beautiful. Thanks for posting.

Terry said...

I don't think "lace" too much but this post brought back a show at ACAC, "Supernatural Conductor" by Shana Robbins in August 2010. and