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Warm Wishes

[Unless otherwise indicated, photos are my own.]

I hope the coming week brings some happy surprises your way.

My special present arrived early: an ultra-sturdy linen-covered trunk built by my dad (with an interior jollifier painted by a second grader).

While it's been essentially finished and functioning as a workhorse table for about a month, a couple of things need to tweaked before it's ready for its close-up.

At the end of December, when we're all thinking about new projects for 2012, I'll review the supplies we used (artist's canvas, webbing and twill tape, leather handles from Horton Brasses, etc.), plus cool things I stumbled upon but ultimately didn't incorporate (waxed canvas from Mims Maine) and post a picture of the completed piece. Earlier, I said that everything except the handles came from a hardware shop or routine craft/fabric/art supply store but in the end I also added Sibella Court's hardware -- her luggage pulls to be exact. After a bit of searching, I finally uncovered a couple tucked away in a bin at Anthro's Lenox Square location.

[Screengrabs from Louis Vuitton's Travel to India video.]

[Billy Reid canvas bag.]

[Billy Kirk carryall.]

 [Clockwise from the top left: bag my own; photo by Jonny Valiant as seen in Martha Stewart Living, September 2011; sketchbook page of Edwardian-era Olivia Tonge from The World of Interiors, September, 2008; screengrabs from Wes Anderson's The Darjeeling Limited.

Trunks can be about memories but they also represent the possibility of adventure. Above are more inspiration boards used for the interior and exterior of mine.

[Mary Randolph Carter photographed by her husband, Howard Berg, in their snowy apple orchard in upstate New York. Photo courtesy Carter.]

If you're planning on staying away from the blogosphere for the next couple of weeks, I want to go ahead and send you warmest wishes for a magical holiday. On the other hand, if you've landed here searching for a little last minute inspiration, I recommend Mary Randolph Carter's approach, shared here in 2010. The post is filled with timeless, no-fuss ideas. (And I still like Mary Laura's playlist.)


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My Dog-Eared Pages said...

I can't wait to see the inside of your absolutely beautiful trunk!! What a lovely modus operandi and the meaning you have given to the practicality but also the mystery of a trunk. I love it! I'm heading over to the M.R.C. 2010 post.
Cheers Courtney! ox

Style Court said...

Barbara -- it was a fun family project. FYI, the spirit of adventure in the Louis Vuitton video makes me think of you! I appreciate your enthusiasm -- thanks!

Sarah said...

I love trunks and have an old leather Mark Cross that an old manager gave to me when I moved to it made the journey across the pond with me. Merry Christmas to you! ;-)

Style Court said...

Sarah -- I'm envious! How cool. Merry Christmas!

Virginia Country House said...

Great post. Very evocative. Love the Louis Vuitton canvas look. Mysterious is such a great word for describing a trunk. Sarah, wow, just seeing the name Mark Cross brings back memories. It was the first Really Important Bag I ever bought- a black, structured box calf. I felt so sophisticated and grown up.

Emile de Bruijn said...

A great mixture of resource report and style collage, this post. By the way, did it say how old the Chinese wallpaper is in that Jonny Valiant image,or if contemporary who made it?

Style Court said...

Emile -- thanks!

I'll double check the wallpaper -- or at least attempt to. I'm thinking maybe de Gournay.

Style Court said...

May take some time to confirm paper. Image is from a feature on diy nailhead-trimmed doors. The hallway paper is identified as Designers Guild; chinoiserie not identified.

Style Court said...

J and G -- love that you found it evocative. Thanks!

Emile de Bruijn said...

Courtney, don't worry about checking, I was just curious. It's probably Fromental or de Gournay or Gracie.

Lexi said...

What a fantastic trunk!
xx Lexi
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Janet said...

What a wonderful gift! Merry, merry! xo

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post! Lots of great sources and tips!