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Vogue Week at the V & A

[Voysey Holly and Deer holiday cards from the V & A. Details on the textile designer follow below.]

[Voysey gift wrap via the V & A. Description follows below.]

[Again, the V & A's double-sided Snow and Stripe paper based in part on a furnishing fabric in the Museum's collection -- the 1938 hand block-printed linen, Pointed Pip, by British designer Phyllis Barron.] 

[Just one of the Museum's many fabulous books.]

A quick update for our London friends: Only a few days remain to take advantage of Vogue UK's Online Fashion Week discounts in the V & A gift shop. Click here to learn all about the event.

Also, a word about the Voysey gift wrap shown at top. The Bird and Holly tag/wrap set is an adaptation of a late 19th-century design by C.F.A. Voysey (1857-1941). An influential architect, Voysey began designing -- drawing patterns for woven and printed textiles, wallpaper, and rugs -- around age 30. The V & A says his designs are often characterized by flowing repetitive patterns with pastel-colored birds, animals, flowers and trees in silhouette.

[Voysey Birds and Mistletoe holiday cards.]

Remember the V & A's linen tape from my mid-November post? Recently I caught up with a certain chic editor who'd been in London, shopping at the Museum. He gives the greige his personal seal of approval. 

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Clint Smith said...

Love those tapes!
For those who can't get to London, I saw some cool tapes at the Container Store last weekend. I *think they were Japanese washi tapes, but not 100 percent sure.

Style Court said...

Clint, thanks for the tip!