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Up Next: Shop Girls

 [The Benson-designed wine bar and café at specialty retailer Reid's Fine Foods in Charlotte, North Carolina. Photo by Chris Edwards.]

From designer extraordinaire Barrie Benson's commercial projects including Reid's Fine Foods and Capitol to sociologist Jan Whitaker's exhaustive (and lavishly-illustrated!) study, The World of Department Stores, later this week we'll explore some shops. In the meantime, if you haven't seen it yet, Charlotte-based Benson has a new site beautifully created by multi-talented Atlantan John Lineweaver (he's a graphic designer, art director and product developer). BTW, Lineweaver did all the graphics for Reid's too.

[Detail of turquoise doors at 310 Rosemont boutique on North Highland Ave. in Atlanta. Photo snapped by a seven-year-old and tweaked by me.]

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Love the site! The red wall on the home page with her gorgeous jewelry just draws you in to the site!


Style Court said...

Barbara -- I think Barrie looks amazing against the red too!

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

I love the Studio Wall on Barrie's site. It adds so much! And BTW, I think the turquoise door photo has quite an interesting composition! ; )

Style Court said...

Barbara -- isn't the wall cool? I think it's great too. And you're so sweet to comment on the other doors. Thanks!

lifeloveluxe said...

My heart literally lept when I saw that first pic. It's gorgeous! I'm tempted to hop a flight down to NC simply to sip a cappuccino in that little booth.