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Up Next: B. Viz Holiday

[Photography by Emily Hamilton Laux]

December is here and that means I'll be unpacking my antique textile ornaments over the weekend (intricate pieces handmade in St. Joseph, Louisiana by the B. Viz team). A related post is in the works but in the meantime I wanted to leave you with this image -- proof that museum stores really are great places to shop. Here, Rebecca Vizard, the designer and textile collector a.k.a. B. Viz, wears her Uzbek suzani coat purchased at D.C.'s Textile Museum. A hidden surprise is the vintage Russian cotton paisley lining. I love the contrast of the vibrantly colored embroidered threads with the muted, rural Louisiana tones.

The Textile Museum currently sells this postcard with a detail of 16th-century Turkish Ottoman silk from its collection. One year I'd love to see it interpreted as a holiday card; the motifs seem ornament-esque. For more on museums and cards, click here.


Laura Casey Interiors said...

textiles, patterns and colors....swoon. always love what you share, thanks Courtney.

Style Court said...

Thanks, Laura! I also enjoy your eye for pattern.

Unknown said...

I love that postcard.