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'Tis the Season

 [Unless otherwise noted, photos my own]

The other day I popped in Bella Cucina and came across one of the most appealing things I've seen all season: a row of simple clear jars, each holding a single pink camellia, that ran the length of a rustic farm table.

The display looked incredibly fresh and luxurious (but not ostentatious) and served as a nice counterpoint to the denser clusters of evergreen and magnolia placed around the shop. In season throughout winter, camellias may just be the only thing I love for Christmas and still love in January (excluding hot chocolate and Black Watch scarves).

[Photo via Ann Mashburn.]

That said, a 2008 post about John van Doorn's ornament collection is inspiring me to keep one piece -- maybe Chattanooga-based Christopher Mosey's glass ball -- out after all the others have been packed away. If you've accumulated more ornaments than you care to have, Magnaverde's comment (same 2008 post) and recap of his mother's Twelfth Night party with her many ornament-filled compotes is a must read.

The chic editor I mentioned the other day has been inspiring me too. He's got a virtual greenhouse going in his apartment that makes me want to continue forcing bulbs after New Year's.

Collector and philanthropist, Doris Duke, didn't have to think about how many or how few seasonal things to put out at her Newport house, Rough Point, because during Christmas she always jetted off to Hawaii. A special tour scheduled for December 28, UnDecked Halls: Behind the Scenes at Doris Duke's Mansion in Winter, will give the public a chance to see the home as it was kept throughout the colder months, experience the livelier, decorated staff wing, including the staff dining room, and learn more about Duke's tropical holiday.

[Doris Duke with surfer and musician Sam Kahanamoku at the entrance to Shangri La, circa 1939. Photo copyright The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.]  

[Circa 1960 Velzy surf board image via Dressed to Play: The Sporty Style of Doris Duke.]

More on tartan and Anglo style here.


Jennifer C. Webb said...

anxiously awaiting our camellia blooms, the rose of winter. Lovely post

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

From camellias, to black watch, to Doris Duke + then more tartan/anglo tucked-in at the close. Post weaving extraordinaire!! I filled the house with Casablanca lilies today. ox

Style Court said...

Barbara -- must look amazing! As always, thanks so much for stopping by.

Style Court said...

Jennifer -- thank you. Lovely analogy. I hope your camellias bloom soon.

bill said...

I live in Rhode Island & didn't even know about the Doris Duke tour! Definitely going, can't wait!! Once again, thanks for the information!!

Style Court said...

Bill -- terrific! Let us know what you think.