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Tanov, Klimt and Smith

[Screengrabs from Jona Frank's mini film about the making of Erica Tanov's fall 2011 collection.]

Back in August, I mentioned that Erica Tanov's fall 2011 collection was beautifully shot by Erica Shires on location at The Spring in Berkeley, California. (Clothes modeled by Coralie Langston-Jones.) Now Jona Frank's brief yet very memorable video about Tanov's inspiration is available. Influences ranged from the shimmering paintings of Gustov Klimt to Patti Smith's Rock-infused mémoire. It's a poetic two and a half minutes. Well worth a look.


Terry said...

Nice video, first class. Made me wonder if you knew Tian Justman. I met her during a tour of the Goat Farm a couple of weeks ago. I was impressed. I've never been in a fashion (is that the right term?) designer's studio/workshop before. Here she is:

Style Court said...

Terry, looking forward to checking out the sideshow.