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RE: DESIGN: Cooper-Hewitt Renovation Progress

[National Design Library, Arthur Ross Reading Room. Image courtesy of Cooper-Hewitt.]

Good news for design junkies and students: the Cooper-Hewitt has completed renovations of the museum’s two townhouses on East 90th Street in New York. Along with administrative offices and the graduate program, these buildings contain the now modernized National Design Library. Professionals, students and the general public -- yes, the public -- will be able to access the revamped library's rare-book room, open stacks, reference area and restored historic reading.

[Rendering of the new Textiles Conservation Laboratory. Image courtesy of Aniphase.]

Work just began elsewhere on the museum's campus, at Carnegie Mansion, where exhibition spaces and conservation facilities will be greatly enlarged. See an overview of RE: DESIGN, slated to be finished in 2013, and learn about the architectural team behind the project here.

[The UK cover and interior view via Thames & Hudson.]

One of my best 2011 purchases turned out to be Color Moves: Art & Fashion by Sonia Delaunay. $35 copies are still available at the Cooper-Hewitt gift shop. More on the show here and here.


a lovely being said...

Rare book room? Open to the public? Good grief! Must visit the next time I'm in NYC!

x fallon

Style Court said...

Would love to be there right now!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

My favorite museum in NY(although I think I find myself saying that about the Frick AND the Met too, lol). They're all my favorites!

Style Court said...

Stefan -- I think you'll so appreciate seeing the original Carnegie house details, in a fresh light, when the Cooper-Hewitt main building reopens. I think of you when I see pictures of the ceiling!

Unknown said...

I love it there! The staircase is so exquisite and I can't wait to go there next, when the reno is done!