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Hanukkah: Letterpress Options

Nine candles are represented in a design from Ohio-based Oddball Press that is reminiscent of old cut paper silhouettes. These cards are offered in black and ochre on a warm grey stock.

This interpretation, available from Just a Jar over at Etsy, is all about light. The abstract pattern conveys myriad flickering points and was printed from a two-color woodcut.  Happy Hanukkah, in lowercase, was printed from hand-set lead type with heavy embossment. Based in the U.S., Just a Jar creates all of their wares using a hand-cranked printing press.

L.A.-based Flora and Fauna's cleaned-lined option began with her original hand-drawn illustration. The cards are hand-printed on an antique Vandercook press using shades of cobalt blue and yellow.

BTW, the Bard Graduate Center's fall exhibition, American Christmas Cards 1900-1960, remains on view for just a few more weeks -- through December 31 in the Focus Gallery. And in Atlanta we have an internationally respected paper-related resource: The Robert C. Williams Paper Museum at Georgia Tech. Click here to learn about workshops.


Ivy Lane said...

The first one is my fave...

Happy Happy to you and yours!

Tokyo Jinja said...

Feel like I forced your hand on this one! :-)