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Dragons in Bama

Just as Laura Vinroot Poole's Charlotte boutique, Capitol (the shop with the incredible garden wall designed by Patrick Blanc), delights even jaded New Yorkers, the Birmingham Museum of Arts' Asian ceramics continue to command international attention.

For the past few months I've been sharing my excitement about the Museum's soon-to-open exhibition, Dragons and Lotus Blossoms, the largest Vietnamese ceramics show ever mounted in the U.S. So, I was thrilled to learn that the BMA's Le Dynasty glazed stoneware jar, one of the pieces in the exhibition, was recently ranked by Apollo as the Ninth Most Important Acquisition Worldwide in 2011. Even more reason to head to Alabama this winter. Congrats BMA!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I am so proud! My mother came from Birmingham Alabama; and my friend who lives in Santa Barbara, Fannie Flagg also came from Birmingham Alabama!

How wonderful that this fabulous exhibit will be there!

Thank you......and you make me proud!

Emile de Bruijn said...

I love Vietnamese ceramics, especially the pale blues in their blue-and-white wares. The have such a mellow, unassuming quality - Japanese tea masters adopted them for their 'wabi' characteristics.

Style Court said...

Emile -- the mellowness really comes through in the BMA's highlighted piece. Thanks for drawing our attention to it.

Penelope -- lots of excitement at the BMA recently!