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Stitched Together

[Clockwise from top left: linen for embroidery from Lacis in Berkeley, California; Lauren Bush photographed by Douglas Friedman wearing Ralph Lauren, Harper's Bazaar May 2011; The Techniques of Japanese Embroidery, stock image.]

After I pulled together the first batch of 2011 gift mixes, I started flipping through (swiping through, actually) Selvedge's latest iPad-friendly issue and came across an interesting little piece about the Lacis Museum of Lace and Textiles in Berkeley. Did you know Lacis has a library brimming with over 10,000 books, patterns, articles, and other random bits? On top of that, after clicking through to Lacis' retail site, I discovered a host of out-of-print textile books for sale.

Embroidery is the needlework I've always loved. But 2011 -- this year of high profile weddings and contemporary openwork fabric on the catwalk -- really got me appreciating the wonders of lace. If you have a lace enthusiast friend, one of the V & A books paired with a visit to Lacis would be a great gift.

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Update 11.17.11
See Lauren's wedding dress here. JCB was first with the alert!

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