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Shopping the Museums: Holiday Cards

Following up on this post about the Bard Graduate Center's fall exhibition, American Christmas Cards 1900-1960, on view through December 31, 2011 in the Focus Gallery,  I'm highlighting a few contemporary examples from museums around the world. Shown above, Tate offers artist Nigel Peake's Robin.

And here, Tate's own Miguel Cunha created a stylized gold holiday scene that can be cut-out to stand up on its own.

Mar Mar Co, based in Cheshire Street, London, designed the crisp, graphic Love Giving card specifically for Tate.

The Courtauld Gallery sells Branch of Holly circa 1430-40, from the workshop of Rogier Van De Weyden.

In case you missed it the first time, here's the V & A's square card, Reindeer Embroidery, a detail of the 17th-century Abigail Pett Bed Hanging embroidered in crewel wool on a linen and cotton ground.
From the de Young, I like the Pheasant on a Snowy Bank set.
Inspired by the December 1957 cover of Arts & Architecture magazine designed by Charles Kratka, these cards are exclusive to LACMA and offered in conjunction with California Design, 1930–1965: "Living in a Modern Way." 

LACMA's boxed lace cards aren't holiday-specific, but they caught my eye. The four designs are drawn from a shawl in the Museum’s Costume & Textile Department collections.

Haven't forgotten Hanukkah, but so far the most beautiful card I've spotted wasn't at a museum gift shop. Above, some goodies from the Asian that I had to sneak in.


Laura Casey Interiors said...

What great cards, thanks for the ideas. My favorite is the Reindeer Embroidery, that is so pretty! Plus I can never resist a square card!

Style Court said...

Laura -- square vs. rectangle or round, a whole new topic :)

Emile de Bruijn said...

I love all of these - it makes me realise what the National Trust (my employer) could do in the way of Christmas cards, if it really delved into its collections...

Unknown said...

That's a cool exhibition idea.

Style Court said...

Shannon, Emile --

So glad to have the curatorial/museum peops weigh-in on this. Thanks.

Jeff said...

Great post. After receiving too many ecards and evites over the course of the year, it's high time to return to the art of putting pen to paper. I'm off to the paper store now!

Janet said...

I almost bought the V&A Reindeer cards! But, I decided on something else (very fun).

Ooooh, Emile, the NT really should jump into the holiday card business!

Emile de Bruijn said...

I was at the V&A yesterday and bought some of these reindeer cards, as well as some with the charming Saul Steiberg Xmas tree design. Thanks for the tip! Last year I tried to make my own, following your inspiring example. But not being very dextrous it cost me so much time that I have now reverted to 'the art of choosing' :)

Style Court said...

Emile --

I know what you mean about time cost with those DIY cards! So glad you were able to get the V & A goods. I really wish they had a shop on this side of the Atlantic.


Style Court said...

Jeff -- happy you liked it. Yes, still so much fun to receive a tactile card in the mail.

Janet -- now I'm curious!