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Natural Affinity

[Kathryn Kolb, Oak through Dogwood, I, color photograph available in several sizes, signed/inscribed/numbered, through Thomas Deans Fine Art.]

The painterly, completely un-manipulated images of Kathryn Kolb will be on view October 14 through November 4 at Thomas Deans Fine Art's new Miami Circle location in Atlanta. The exhibition, 5 Photographers, has been organized in conjunction with Atlanta Celebrates Photography and also includes works by Emily Robinson Cook, Betty Edge, Frank Hunter and T W Meyer.

[Kathryn Kolb, Pecan Leaves, II, color photograph available in several sizes, signed/numbered, through Thomas Deans Fine Art.]

Immersed in nature as a child, Kolb was raised outside Charlottesville, Virginia, and while her photographs are very much about pattern, line, and structured composition, she is quick to point out that the work is not contrived. What we see here is exactly what she saw through her viewfinder. After all, the Emory alum was a journalistic photographer before she turned to fine art. In her artist's statement, Kolb writes:

... I use no filters, digital processes, or any other special techniques in shooting or in the darkroom. What may appear to be manipulated effects in my images are simply due to unconventional focusing and occasionally to wind or water moving my subjects. Bright colors come from bright sunlight.

[Kathryn Kolb, Dogwood Leaves, gelatin silver print available in several sizes, signed/numbered, through Thomas Deans Fine Art.]

Obviously the sense of design and abstraction in her pieces makes them very appealing to textile enthusiasts -- at least to this one. I made a connection with the Vanessa Bell-attributed 1913 Omega Workshops printed linen White.

 [Detail, White, the Victoria and Albert Museum.]

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[Lori Vrba Braids 2010, selenium and sepia toned silver gelatin print - 20x20 print is an edition of 10 and starts at $1000 unframed. Posted with permission from Jennifer Schwartz Gallery.]


Mrs. Blandings said...

I still have a tear sheet with Kolb's work in my files - from a much missed Southern Accents. Thanks for the reminder.

Style Court said...

Patricia -- there's a lovely book of her work too. When I'm at the gallery I plan to double check if Thomas has it in stock.

Grant K. Gibson said...

Stunning! I can't wait to check it out and us in a project!

Hope that you are well.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.