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Heath Bar

[Photos by Jeffery Cross. Images provided by Heath Ceramics.]

I couldn't resist doing another, sort of loose tie-in with LACMA's current show,  California Design, 1930–1965: "Living in a Modern Way". Founded by potter Edith Heath in mid-1940s California, Heath Ceramics became synonymous with West Coast pottery and influenced ceramics production across the U.S. Remarkably, the mid-century American studio endures, still crafting all of its wares in Sausalito.

Here are some of the latest goods: samples from the 2011 seasonal collection, Classic Red. Launching November 1, these pieces will be made in limited edition quantities and available until April 1, 2012. The bowls shown below are from the Kids'collection. If I had a set on hand this weekend, I'd be filling them with Reese's minis.

For a little Halloween spirit, see my 2010 post, Witchy Women in the Kitchen, about Robin Standefer's production design for Practical Magic. To peek at some vintage Heath, click here.

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