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Follow Up Visit

[Detail, Kashmiri shawl from the Karun Collection.]

I'm ending the day with a couple of things I wish I'd included in last week's posts. First, the Kashmiri shawls over at the Karun Collection. You may recall from a previous mention that this is not a commercial site -- not a gallery -- but the presentation is as beautiful if not more so than what's typically seen at many museum sites. Basically it's an ever-evolving online look at textiles collected by Karun Thakar (the densely patterned cashmere is especially appealing this time of year). If his name rings a bell, it might be because he recently donated a group of kanthas to the V & A, and his textiles are frequently loaned to major museums.

Shifting to a different continent and era, LACMA's video with graphic designer Deborah Sussman (included with the free California Design, 1930–1965 app and also viewable here, toward the end of the page) is another must-see. In the film, Sussman reflects on her days as a young intern working for Charles and Ray Eames, including her contribution to The House of Cards. BTW, I just added handy sidebar links to the exhibition and to the Karun Collection. Hope you find them helpful!

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