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Walk the Line

[LIFE photographer Gjon Mili captured Francoise Gilot drawing with light in the 1940s. Click here to learn about the "light pencil" (small flashlight) she is using and to see Mili's more famous series of Picasso sketching with light. This image is from Gilot's book, Life with Picasso.]

[Screengrabs from 1998's Great Expectations show young Finn sketching. You may recall that all of the original drawings and paintings featured as Finn's, including the childhood works, were actually done by Francesco Clemente.]

A drawing is simply taking a line for a walk.

-- Paul Klee (quoted by Matt Pagett in Chronicle's book, Sketching and Drawing)

Please stay tuned for a look at a new little primer designed to help adults and teens remember how rewarding it can be to pick up a pencil and make a line dance. In the meantime, a random observation about the incredible range of greens used throughout director Alfonso Cuarón's Great Expectations: A while back, we touched on the palette but I recently noticed that even the pencils in young Finn's art box are chartreuse and greenish-blue.

In the earlier, very brief post, I linked to a Fox Movies site with production notes about Cuarón's aesthetic. Unfortunately the link no longer seems to be live. But the director can be found in conversation with Charlie Rose here. (Find Gilot and Rose here, and take a look back at the drawings of Ralph Lauren "artist-in-residence" and senior vice president Daniela Kamiliotis, here.)

[My pencils from yesterday's adventure.]

Update 9.16.11
Francoise Gilot: A Retrospective of Original Prints will be on view at the LaGrange Art Museum through October 15, 2011. Many thanks to Sandra Jonas for the alert.

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Vicki Smith said...

Wonderful post. I love the Klee quote.