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Paint it Forward

[Photos my own]

Remember eating from green plastic trays with defined compartments for the mashed potatoes, squishy peas, roll, and chocolate milk? (At least on days when Mom didn't pack the wholewheat pita with sprouts?) Last night a message from Nate Berkus's team brought back a few of those memories for me: Nate is spearheading a fundraising initiative to help refresh Chicago's public Talcott Elementary School cafeteria.

During Design Harvest, a free, rain-or-shine, family-friendly street happening showcasing local furniture makers, contemporary wares, vintage pieces, and antiques at the Windy City's Grand Avenue on October 1 and 2, festival goers are invited to bring in a photo of a specific room in need of a lift. For a $10 donation, a Berkus designer will ask you some brief questions (expect a short two-minute per room consultation) and suggest a couple of viable paint options on the spot. Alternatively, if you would simply like to support the project, donations are most welcome. Click here for details.

Speaking of paint and creative teams, the fascinating Beyond Bloomsbury exhibition catalogue just arrived, so I'm looking forward to pulling together more Vanessa Bell/Omega Workshops posts as soon as I can.

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