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Branching Out

[Photo my own.]
[Erica Tanov's house as seen in Elle Decoration, UK, September 2011. Photo by Richard Powers. Click to enlarge.]

I did pick up the latest Elle Decoration, UK, featuring Erica Tanov's 1930s Mediterranean surrounded by trees and views of the San Francisco Bay. It's a four-page story with angles I've not seen published before along with a nice snippet of her ethereal bedroom. In short, well worth a look. 

[Branch photos my own.]
As described in Christiane Lemieux's book, Undecorate, ever-evolving vignettes and tablescapes are what make the rooms sing. Super-tall leafy cut branches pictured in front of a painting in Tanov's hallway inspired me to experiment with a wild bunch from a Georgia pecan tree (I think they are pecans). Love the idea of leaves in lieu of flowers for late summer/early fall and will continue scouting for something closer to the clipping in Elle Decoration.

[Claus Groeger, Painting II, watercolor 2011.]

This week, I also found myself inspired by the work of Claus Groeger.

An artist affiliated with Creativity Explored, Groeger typically works with found objects but the piece I'm highlighting today is one of his watercolors. Based in Tanov's neck of the woods, San Francisco's Creativity Explored offers adults with developmental disabilities a supportive studio environment. This includes access to art supplies and individualized mentoring from professional artists. What particularly excites me is that -- in addition to chances for self expression -- CE studio artists have serious opportunities to exhibit and sell their work, which means possibilities to earn their own income. Jose Nunez, known for mixed-media pieces connected to the flora and fauna of his native El Salvador, was recently chosen for a creative collaboration with CB2.

[Taneya Lovelace, Green Spray, mixed media 2006.]

I'm drawn to the sense of movement in Taneya Lovelace's work. Click here to see how she tends to layer color.

 [Kathy Wen, Camel, mixed media 2009.]

The grace of Kathy Wen's stylized creatures appeals to me, too.  And I'm intrigued by Ana Maria Vidalon's use of repetition.

[Ana Maria Vidalon, Sonata Series Red, Styrofoam print 2009.]

This is just a small sampling of what's coming out of Creativity Explored studios. Much more is showcased here.

Lastly, a side note: UK textile enthusiasts get to go green. Apparently the UK edition of the oft-blogged exhibition catalogue, Colour Moves: Art and Fashion by Sonia Delaunay, has a different cover. This textile was chosen across the pond. You may recall that the US version is not lacking punch either.

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Janet said...

Oh, that teaser of Tanov's house is fantastic. I love over sized branches inside. The dark furniture, white walls. . .