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On Saturday, I stopped by Ann Mashburn for some glass beads from Ghana.

Although woven cloth and basketry -- not beadwork -- will be the big focus of The Textile Museum's major fall exhibition, Weaving Abstraction: Kuba Textiles and the Woven Art of Central Africa, something about my new necklace's thick, natural fiber cord made me think about the upcoming show and wonder when the catalogue will land in the museum shop.  

Well, apparently very soon. Vanessa Drake Moraga's book is scheduled to be released September October 1. Among the pages will be 142 never-before-published African textiles and baskets from the region now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo -- geometric and abstracted patterns that inspired Western designers and artists throughout the 20th century.

If you have plans to be in Boston this fall, don't forget Global Patterns: Dress and Textiles in Africa continues through January 8, 2012 at the MFA. Extraordinary beadwork is on view in this exhibition. In fact, MFA Textile and Costume Society members have an opportunity to attend Bedazzled by Beadwork: The Splendor of the Ndebele Culture of South Africa, a special related lecture, on November 17. The general public is invited to the Global Patterns gallery talk on October 19.

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Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors said...

Wonderful and eautiful article. I am in Boston and indeed will visit the exhibit. I can't wait...Thank you!!

Style Court said...


Hope you enjoy it!

Anna said...

I've said this before, but your blog is wonderful! It has been too long since I last checked in. It's easy to find blogs featuring pretty things, but what's great about your approach is your good writing, and presentation of things in context. Your site is educational, but in the best (most fun) possible way.
Now, if I could only make it to one of these shows! I took a course on art & architecture of sub-saharan Africa in my earliest years of grad school, and thoughts of it have inspired me since--the fabrics, the patterns in carved wood... I love it!
This is all right up my alley.
Happy weekend to you.

Style Court said...

Anna -- thanks for making my afternoon! I try to keep it fun, so I really appreciate your comment.

The course you took sounds great! Happy weekend.