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Tanov Today

[Shown directly above and below, Erica Tanov's bedroom. Photographs by Melanie Acevedo from Undecorate, Clarkson Potter 2011.]

I still can't get enough of the bohemian-meets-refined mix in Erica Tanov's low-key, de Gournay-lined bedroom. With its uncontrived vibe, it was such a natural fit for Christiane Lemieux's book, Undecorate. Originally, the exquisite hand-painted wallpaper was destined for Tanov's San Francisco shop but she ended up using it at home.

I wish I could report that I spotted a leftover panel for sale at Tanov's online store. No luck there. However, since my last Tanov post, her new fabric webshop has been launched. Now offered is an expanded array of textiles from her past collections encompassing Tanov-designed printed silks and cottons as well as the more tailored plaids, stripes, and solids. Fabrics are sold by the yard at surprisingly reasonable prices.

[Teal Shadow Stripe linen from Erica Tanov.]

[Sepia Shadow Stripe linen from Erica Tanov.]

[Morgan Blanket Plaid wool from Erica Tanov.]

Speaking of innovative, creative women, we don't have too much longer to wait for the Gibbes's big fall exhibition, Breaking Down Barriers. Yesterday, the countdown hit the two month mark. The show opens in Charleston, South Carolina October 28 and will continue through January 8, 2012.

Also of interest: Europeanoiserie.

This just in: another view of Tanov's bedroom, styled with an incredible Moroccan wedding blanket, can be seen in the September issue of San Francisco's 7 x 7.  Look for more glimpses in Tanov's collection archives, spring 2009.


Terry said...

Erica Tanov's bedroom pictures do ring a bell with me. I don't have words for the attraction but there it is.

Style Court said...

Terry, you might appreciate the rest of the house, too. Looks like the Berkeley dwelling is in the new Elle Decoration, UK. Don't have my hands on a copy yet.