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Notes from the Field

 [G. Lalo notepaper and ribbons purchased at Sam Flax. Unless otherwise noted, all photos in this post are my own.]

Atlanta's Sam Flax South, the art supply and paper emporium on Northside Drive, is moving to new digs: Brookwood Place at 1745 Peachtree Street.

[A snippet of Sam Flax's large Faber-Castell offerings.]

Come September, the vast selection of paints, pencils, pastels, and canvases (not to mention the books from Taschen, stationery from G. Lalo, journals from Moleskine, leather albums, and array of ribbons) will be housed in an expansive two-story space formerly occupied by the Brookwood Kroger. And the items mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. I've always appreciated the variety of paper stocked here but only recently learned that Mr. Flax got his start at a small stationery shop.

[Images directly above and below from Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs.]

Although a big moving sale is currently underway, all the wares are still neatly organized. I left with some note cards in chocolate and yellow but lingered over G. Lalo's rich raspberry and lavender offerings because the latter reminded me of the shades on this cover -- Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs, one of many large tomes arranged by the door. Learn about the recent companion exhibition in London here.


The Devoted Classicist said...

I love luxurious stationary, tailored but rich. Economic restraints are making my do-it-yourself notecards the current choice however.

Style Court said...

John -- I like to make my own too. These were more affordable than I expected, so I decided to stock up for later :)

Janet said...

Linda McCartney was such an amazing photographer. Sigh.

Style Court said...

In a related video, Paul said they (Linda, the whole family) decided to choose one day a year to look at all the pictures. You know, rather than have them stagnate in a box (this was before the Instagram days). I think that's a great idea.

quintessence said...

This would have been a very dangerous moving sale for me - glad in this case I don't live in Atlanta - the temptation would I'm sure have been too great!!

Jjulia said...

I love the colors, art supplies always provide such inspiration. Art supplies on sale, twice the fun!